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Cowgirl Spirit Retreats

Adventures in Personal Growth


2023 Retreat Dates


  • May 26-29            (4 days/3 Nights)

  • TBA                (3 days/2 nights)

  • TBA                (3 days/2 nights)

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What your weekend includes:

  • 4 days three nights lodging in shared bunkhouse 

  • (you can also bring your own RV or trailer)

  • All meals (and we have great cooks!)

  • Horses and wonderful support staff

  • Facilitation by professional clinical counselor

All for only $599!

The Story of our Cowgirl University

Cowgirl Spirit Retreats was founded by women for women.  A place to renew, rebuild, and redefine your life.  A working ranch where horses become your guides to finding your  inner cowgirl, you will experience an adventure in self-discovery.

From the moment the pavement ends you’ll feel the Cowgirl Spirit envelop you.  So put the traffic in your rear view mirror and let your cowgirl spirit soar.


A weekend at the ranch!

Be ready to Cowgirl Up as you dive into the experience of the western lifestyle!  This is a hands on adventure.  You never really know what might come up from a broken fence to rounding up loose livestock.  But you will learn the skills to handle it all.  You will learn  how to connect and communicate with horses and how you can use that in your life.  You'll discover how to tap into and develop your confidence as you try new experiences. You will be surprised how much of what you learn about yourself here applies in many areas of your life back home.  

Julie McMillan, CA

I'm so thankful for the peace, for all of the staff, their warmth and kindness, and for the calm that the ranch brought to my soul. It was so nice to be there, if only for three days. Being there, working with the animals, and learning lessons about communication and the negative self-talk that we can unnecessarily get going in our heads really filled my soul. I could not stop talking about my Cowgirl Up retreat with all my friends and family.  

Cherie Davis, CA

From the first time I had seen advertisements I felt HorseSpeak to be a fun and adventurous space. After going to Herd Night I felt it was a space to help me grow. Bonfire night showed me the acceptance and safe space the ranch is. The Cowgirl Up experience is all of these things along with great food, horsemanship and lasting friendships. Thank you for building such a sacred space.

Lee Pejsa, Ca

The first time I went to an event was in June. Being stuck around strangers was way out of my comfort zone but I was so excited about doing something with horses that I couldn't miss a weekend at the ranch. It was incredible! Being around that many strangers was challenging. The staff understood everyone's needs and the weekend went well. I felt so good after that weekend that I registered for the next event as soon as it was announced. I was apprehensive, again, about being around a new group of strangers and again the environment made everyone feel welcome. 
Working with the horses showed us how to be in the moment and not in our heads. The exercises allowed us to learn about ourselves from the horses. The guided interactions, without horses, were just as beneficial without being uncomfortable. It's not just horses! We helped feed all of the animals - goats, ducks, sheep, pigs and a tortoise. It was a team building task.
Every time I go to the ranch I leave feeling great! It is a place to gain confidence and grow as a person. Horses are great teachers and the staff is amazing. It is wonderful to be around so many genuinely good people. The ranch is a safe place.


PO Box 674
Burson, Calaveras County 95225

(209) 772-3871

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